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As an independent planning and con­sulting company, we develop con­cepts for you in en­viron­­men­tal, land­scape, urban land use and re­gio­nal planning. Because the demands of environ­men­tal com­pa­tibility and land development should always go hand in hand.

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For many years, we have been working effectively and successfully as environmental and landscape planners on projects for pub­lic authorities, municipalities and com­pa­nies. We are active nationwide with en­viron­mental and nature conservation planning contributions and investigations – for infra­structure projects of the railroad and road traffic, the waterway administration and energy industry, for airports, flood protection measures as well as projects of the private sector.

Nature is versatile.
So is our work.

From planning to approval to implemen­tation – we are at your side in all phases of your construction project. We handle projects in the fields of infrastructure, water mana­ge­ment, flood protection, as well as energy generation, industrial and sports facilities. For cities and municipalities, we are also involved in urban land-use planning and land-use management.

Our competences

Landscape Planning

Landscape planning is a central instru­ment for implementing the goals of nature conservation and landscape management. It forms an important building block of our work.

Nature and species protection

The protection of certain species and their habitats is not only close to our hearts. The special protection of spe­cies and the Natura 2000 network of protected areas are also essential instruments of statutory nature con­servation in Europe.

Space and environmental compatibility

With every intervention in the natural balance, ecological, social and eco­nomic interests must be weighed up and possible en­vironmental effects determined at an early stage. As en­viron­mental planners, we contribute to this – at all planning levels. Supra-regional, regional and municipal.

Environmental construction supervision and monitoring

To ensure that your construction site complies with the law, we monitor construction activities from an en­viron­mental perspective. During monitoring, we make sure that the planned com­pensatory measures are also crowned with success. If necessary, we make improvements until the desired result is achieved.

Internal development and land management

The inner development of cities and municipalities moves in a field of tension: Housing shortage and social tasks have to be combined with en­viron­mental protection and nature conservation. Adaptations to climate change go hand in hand with economic structural change.

Special competencies

We are always happy to take on tricky tasks. In order to solve them com­pe­tently, we have acquired special know-how, which we offer you in the spe­cialist areas of vegetation tech­nology, sports field construction and process support.

We are looking forward to your project require­ments concerning na­ture conservation, en­vironmental pro­tect­ion and species pro­tect­ion and solve them with competence, commit­ment and un­der­stand­ing for your requests — get in touch!

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Jan Distel
Jan Distel
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