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Project REMOSI

Project REMOSI



Job advertisement

Job advertisement at Immendingen

Job advertisement at Immendingen.


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Dr. Markus Gonser



N7, 5-6

68161 Mannheim







Data protection supervisor

New Data protection supervisor at Baader Konzept.

New Data protection supervisor at Baader Konzept GmbH 


Markus Bauer

Baader Konzept GmbH

Zum Schießwasen 7

91710 Gunzenhausen, Deutschland

Fon: +49 9831 6193-0

Fax: +49 9831 193-11



Project SuedLink

TransnetBW mandates Baader Konzept to map Bavaria for the project SuedLink


Landschaftsagentur Plus

Landschaftsagentur Plus on next step into the future with Baader Konzept cooperation



Forschungsprojekt „RASENTEX“

Zuwendungsbescheid der AiF Projekt GmbH im Rahmen des Programms „Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand“ (ZIM) für das Forschungsprojekt „RASENTEX“
an die Baader Konzept GmbH

Coming soon.


Second Gründel´s company run

Baader Konzept at the 2. Gründel´s company run on 13.07.2017 in Mannheim

With 23°C and a lot of sun eight employees of Baader Konzept GmbH finished the 2. Gründel's company run in Mannheim. On the 5 km long stretch around the Luisenpark in Mannheim team spirit and collegiality were strengthened.
We can say, we were there! Let's go to the next round!


Federal sectoral planning

"Grid amplification Großgartach - Kupferzell:

Motion for federal sectoral planning"

Coming soon.


Allgäuer Konversionskongress

Allgäuer Konversionskongress 2017

Coming soon.


Broschure for Luxembourg

New broschure for Luxembourg


Excursion to Daimler AG

Excursion to Daimler AG, Immendingen


House-warming party

House-warming-party in Gunzenhausen


New building in Gunzenhausen

New building in Gunzenhausen

With the expansion of our team and our range of services, our premises on Weißenburger Strasse increasingly turned out to be too small and unsuitable.


The solution was building new offices using a gap between buildings in the city of Gunzenhausen. We were able to move into our new office building in Gunzenhausen, Zum Schießwasen 7, located close to the meadows along the River Altmühl and still centrally near the city centre, after a construction phase of ten months.


On just under 500 sqm floor space, up to 30 employees can be accommodated. A generous double garage and storage rooms of about 90 sqm provide sufficient space for technical equipment and an archive.


Extensive green space, a photovoltaic system, a heat pump and a green roof underline the ecological character of the new 2-storey building.


J.P. Morgan Challenge 2015

Baader Konzept at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2015 in Frankfurt/Main

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2015 in Frankfurt/Main is the biggest European running event with almost 71,000 participants from more than 2,600 companies.


Employees of companies from different industries may take part in the inner city run covering a distance of 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles). Sport is only secondary in this run - more important are the values considered desirable by the participating companies: team spirit, communication, cooperation between colleagues, fairness and health. We were there for the 4th time!


Marketplace for empty sites

The Ebersbach marketplace for empty sites is online

Since 26th September 2012 the new citizens‘ service on the homepage of the town of Ebersbach an der Fils is available. It offers people wishing to build houses or move a convenient possibility to find a suitable plot in the town or its surrounding region. Anyone offering an empty site may also use the service free of charge and present their plot. The town thus supports the efficient use of the local infrastructure and land resources.


Plots in the historically evolved quarters are much sought-after!



We have developed and implemented the marketplace in co-operation with zmk Mediengesellschaft. We wish Ebersbach every success!



Dr. Sabine Müller-Herbers

Phone 0621728486-22  



FMD-Project finished

Pilot project for instruments of area-management finished

Supported by Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung.


For further information: www.flaechenmanagement.hessen-nachhaltig.de


Dr. Sabine Müller-Herbers
Fon: +49 621 / 72 84 86-22


10 years Baader Konzept

10 years Baader Konzept

The Baader Konzept GmbH celebrated the 10th jubilee at the new office Mannheim with many customers and partners on february 25th 2011.


Press release "Vom Golfgreen bis zur Landebahn – 10 Jahre Baader Konzept"


New headquarter in Mannheim

New headquarter in Mannheim

The Baader Konzept Office has moved within the town borders of Mannheim: the new, unusual address in the middle of the »square town« (not far from the old location) is »N7, 5–6«. All the other contact data have stayed the same.



The Bird Strike Warning System MIVOTHERM gets renowned Lilienthal-Award

Oberkochen, Berlin. Wildau May 6th of 2009


In constructive cooperation between the Carl-Zeiss Optronics GmbH and the Baader Konzept GmbH the bird strike warning system MIVOTHERM® was developed.


For this innovation the renowned Lilienthal-Award was conferred on the Carl-Zeiss Optronics GmbH under the patronage of the prime ministers Wowereit (Berlin) and Platzeck (Brandenburg) on May 6th of 2009.


The system MIVOTHERM® is able to detect birds, flying altitudes and airspeed with stereoscopic oriented infrared cameras to warn against collision between birds and aircraft.




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